Here we write some practical kayak information before to arrive to our tour.

What we have to

You should bring sports clothing and shoes suitable for children, a change of clothes.
If you need we remember protection for outdoor activities, such as sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses, and bring along a bottle with fresh water or soda.

We recommend NOT bring your phones and cameras NOT waterproof, to be focused and not to cause dangerous situations is always good to have both hands free in case.


In Winter-Autumn: Clothing should be synthetic or wool. Do not use cotton garments, while for children, such as cotton feels very cold when wet.

In Summer-Spring: Clothing should be short and have swimsuit under the clothes.

For the Night Tour is better have a waterproof jacket (for spring-summer).

What We give you

kayak, paddles, waterproof bag, jackets lifesaver, and insurance.


In the office we have bathrooms, if you would like you can rent towels 3€/each.


The Tour is better do with the Best Venice Tide, on our Request Form you can see the forecast.
Choose the Date and click “Tide?”.

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Step 1: lesson

Step 1: lesson

Step 2: how to

Step 2: how to

Step 3: test

Step 3: test

kayak venice go

Step 4: Go!


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