BV Kayak Rental Venice have to do in safely.
To understand the traffic of Venice must start from how we would behave in a normal city, rights and common sense, but some rules are unique.
The priorities should be to order: public transport, rowboats typical rowing boats, cargo or people, pleasure boats.
although now generally it is trying to keep right in the canals, the old regulation centenary ordinirebbe to keep left, because this traditional Venetian rowing boats, among which the best known was the Gondola oar on the right so it must keep to the left be able to row even in the narrowest canals having need water to be governed.
The typical rowing boats have a big problem, the braking, the inertia and to be subject to much current.
The gondola for example does not have brakes, to stop must do a series of operations that take time, so it’s always good to give them precedence, with the kayak is easier having the double shovel can even back row.
Boats carrying very large affected inertia and the water Aciuta certainly in sudden changes of direction, so in the city center the speed limit is between 5-7 km / h.
The major problem of security in the channels is “not being seen”, many boats have a steering position which does not facilitate the vision of boats very low, the kayak is the lowest ever. We must be very careful in narrow channels and in the turns (almost always blind), you have to help with hearing and being heard in voice, sometimes whistling.
The greatest advice is to make the impeller always at minimum speed, about to stop in order to avoid collisions better.
Never get in the path of a boat rather go back, they can not stop very easily and have a keel that does not allow them easy maneuvering.

BV Kayak Rental Venice in Security
We can rent kayaks, provided that it is not the first time that the person surfing in Venice, have a good familiarity of the kayak, both in good health, and follow the guidelines and paths imposed, we believe we can cancel your reservation without refund if we see some gaps and might be dangerous for you and watery roads.

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