Handmade Mosaic for a unique design –  in BVK Space

We approach all of our mosaics as unique works of high craftsmanship, paying attention to the smallest of details so that we can position ourselves at the top of our field. We believe in constant innovation both creatively and technically. The emphasis of our company is ‘art & design’ combining a modern aesthetic with exquisite craftsmanship. The refined sensitiveness, the passion and the results of research are used to choose the varied and plentiful materials, in accordance with the creative intention to produce rich blends of materials and varied colors shades . The unique characteristic of the mosaic is the particularity of the tesserae pieces of tangible colours. The duty of the mosaic master is to respect this nature, constructing unique chromatic blends, made from all the components available. Artefact Mosaic is a design & manufacturing company with a contemporary new take on the ancient art of mosaic making. The company’s headquarters are located in Venice, Italy, in a 150 square meters studio. All the mosaic artisans who collaborate with Artefact Mosaic Studio possess the diploma of Master Mosaic Artisan, obtained only after the successful completion of three years of study at the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli – the only legally recognized mosaic training institution.


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